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Obelisk Cutting Software

Obelisk Foam Plotter is supplied with Stella Obelisk Cut software as standard

  • Stella-Obelisk is easy to work with.
  • Import vector objects from software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, or create it directly in Stella-Obelisk.
  • Import from file format PLT and DXF.
  • Combine objects in a single-lined project which is then ready to be cut on the plotter. By using the ‘Auto’ button the software generate all the necessary lines and paths making foamplotting as easy as printing.
Stella Obelisk Cutting Software

Stella Obelisk software features

  • Several options for editing
  • Automatic process for creating cutting paths
  • Cutting process simulation
  • Software lifetime licence including free updates
  • Minimum system requirement: Windows XP or newer

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Easy to use polystyrene foam cutter to create beautiful 3D letters, signs, logos and decorations cutting in polystyrene foam boards.

Find an Obelisk reseller

Obelisk Foam Plotter is sold by AddExport Sweden AB. Contact us for more information about Obelisk and to buy, we help to locate your nearest reseller.