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Steps to successful foam sign production

A complete solution for creating ultralight 3D signs and decorations in polystyrene.


Your Obelisk is ready to use and is delivered with Stella Obelisk software. With the intuitive cutting software you can easily create simple designs and artwork. Or you can import your designs from your favorite and more powerful software e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

  • Stella-Obelisk is easy to work with.
  • Import vector objects from software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, or create it directly in Stella-Obelisk.
  • Import from file format PLT and DXF
  • Combine objects in a single-lined project which is then ready to be cut on the plotter. By using the ‘Auto’ button the software generate all the necessary lines and paths making foam-plotting as easy as printing.


Print your graphics directly to PrintFoam in your UV-flatbed printer.

Matrix Flatbed UV-Printer printing on PrintFoam


The Obelisk software will automatically create a cutting work path. UV-printed graphics can be contour cut in Obelisk with precision.
It's also possible to cut foam laminated with PVC-free vinyl. 

Contour cutting with Obelisk Foam Cutter
Precision contour cutting UV-printed PrintFoam in Obelisk Foam Plotter


Paint with water based or acrylic ink or water-based clear UV coating. Use a normal brush and foam-roller for low volume production. Or spray paint for more efficient production.

Painting SignFoam with foam-roller
Painting SignFoam Exit-Sign with foam roller.


To assemble your finished foam signs use bonding with latex or acrylic glue. Hot melt glue will also do the job.

UV-Printed ULB Foam Sign
UltraLightBox (ULB) signs are quickest assembled with hot melt glue.

Ultralightbox (ULB) - LED illuminated foam signUltraLightBox - LED illuminated foam sign
We use natural white LED-strips with self-adhesive tape for illuminated signs.
The flexible LED-tape makes install quick and easy even on curved shaped signs. 

Gluing SignFoam PiperSteiner
Marking the backside with a small mark after cut makes the assembly much easier.
Here using MS-Polymer glue.

Installing your foam signs

Install foam signs with glue, double-side adhesive tape or simple thrust on angle.
For best result with tape choose a tape with 1-2mm foam core.

Installing painted SignFoam sign on wall
Using the box-mode cut option creates a handy template making installation quick and easy.

How to videos

Stella Obelisk Cutting Software

Stella Obelisk cutting software

  • Several options for editing
  • Automatic process for creating cutting paths
  • Cutting process simulation
  • Software lifetime licence including free updates
  • Minimum system requirement: Windows XP or newer


Find an Obelisk reseller

Obelisk Foam Plotter is sold by AddExport Sweden AB. Contact us for more information about Obelisk and to buy, we help to locate your nearest reseller.