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Discover our range of Obelisk foam plotters, foam boards and accessories.

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Discover our range of foam plotters

PrintFoam AllWhite


PrintFoam AllWhite - the perfect foam for creating illuminated and UV printed foam signs.

SignFoam AllWhite


SignFoam AllWhite - extra hard foam for unpainted or painted signs.

Signs made by Obelisk Foam Plotter

Create beautiful 3D letters, signs and decorations using our polystyrene foam SignFoam or PrintFoam cut in Obelisk Foam Plotter.

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Easy to use polystyrene foam cutter to create beautiful 3D letters, signs, logos and decorations cutting in polystyrene foam boards.